Livin' The Tea Dream

Imagine coming home from work and finding out your soon-to-be-husband had applied for a job 900km away. Or even better, he had applied ‘on the sly’ and been offered the job. 
That’s exactly what happened to Honor Ridoutt. The now 34-year-old was working as a breakfast radio newsreader in Melbourne, when she was hit with that dilemma.
It was decided that he would go and she would stay. They would make it work with weekend visits.
After eight months of long distance, Honor quit her job and moved from her one-bedroom apartment in Melbourne to a 45-acre property in Mudgee, NSW.
Now what? After getting up at 3am and living the hectic city lifestyle; watching sheep and drinking endless cups of tea just wasn’t going to cut it.
So, Mud+Gee was born.
The concept is simple; loose leaf tea presented in glass test tubes for the perfect gift that will hopefully make that someone special smile.
Honor started small; researching the health benefits of each leaf, creating the mixes and finally purchasing and hand-filling 100 tubes.
The soak range, featuring epsom, dead sea and Himalayan salts with tea leaves and essential oils, was introduced in August 2018.
That small tea dream has grown to include a collection of over 500 stockists in Australia.
Mud+Gee is a brand that aims for minimal impact on the planet by using eco-friendly glass tubes with cork stoppers.